Saturday, May 3, 2008

Going Away Brunch

My blog posts seem to be "going away" or "birthday" reportings. I guess that is what we do. We celebrate birthdays and we say goodbye. Of course we have our ministries in there somewhere.
We are actually beginning our 'saying goodbye' season. Each year we have a mass exodus of missionaries who are going on furlough or have finished their time in PNG. John and Anna are some of the first to go.
Emily, Matt, Andrea, Anna and John

Moses, Paul and the back of Erika's head (I was sitting on the couch near Erika ,but someone had to take the picture.)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy May Day

Happy May Day!
I love this day. How I would love to stop by your houses and secretly deliver flowers to all of you. Instead I had my class make May Day Baskets out of paper and they delivered them to 23 people and offices around our centre. The kids had a great time and hopefully they encouraged some people along the way.