Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July!

Even in PNG we need to have a 4th of July celebration. It may not look just like the USA style celebration, but we did have food, friends and fun! Even a few fireworks and a real fire. 14 people were at my house for the evening. It was a great way to fill the void of not being in Wenatchee for the 4th.

Here are the barbeque guys - Moses, Paul Wilson, and Matt

A table full of friends...Paul Wilson, Paul McKnight, Callum, Amy, Lesley, and Andrea peeking over Erika's head

Yes, even I was there. Here are baby Amy, Erika and I.

Of course there had to be dessert! American flag cheesecake, apple pie and chocolate bars.

And finally a bonire and a snowball fight? Yes we had a ton of paper to burn and so it turned into a "snowball" fight as we attempted to get the paper in the fire.