Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Fun

My friend Kristen had a birthday and so we celebrated! We had a birthday brunch at my house. As with all good ladies gatherings in PNG, we started talking about food, ventured to other topics and came back to food. Usually this includes the food items we miss most from our home countries. We had lots of fun. Hopefully Kristen did too.
Back: Me, Michelle, LeAnna, Kristen, Joanie, Meredith.
Front: Rhesa, Becky
Almost a week later my friend Neil had his birhtday and so more celebrating was needed. Everyone had a great meal at the Mandarin followed by wonderful cheesecake that Becky had made.

Back: Emily, Karl, Kristen, Carmen, Joanie, Dana, Scott, Terri. Front: Me, Becky, Neil

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Independence Day

September 16th is Papua New Guinea’s Independence Day. It is a pretty fun day around here. Our whole missionary community gathers together along with our national friends to celebrate. The morning begins with home-made doughnuts, the national anthem, and the flag raising. We have our own parade led by all the kids that want to decorate their bicycles. Each class in grades 7-12 runs booths of games and activities. The grade 11 students sell lunch and other snacks throughout the day. It is a great community day. This year I made the rounds to all the booths with my two great friends: Carmen and Emily. They are a bit more competitive and daring than I am, but I take the pictures