Monday, February 28, 2011

February Prayer Letter 2011

Gail's Greetings
Assisting in Church Planting by
Ministering to Missionary Kids
in Papua New Guinea

Praise/Prayer Points

Praise that I have been able to purchase my return tickets to PNG!
Pray for Hannah D’Arcy’s health and for strength for the whole D’Arcy family
Pray for the Akolet people and the missionaries in that tribal location.


After I sent out last month’s prayer letter I got a few inquiries about how Hannah D’Arcy was doing. It touched my heart to have you all praying for my dear friend. I hadn’t heard much news during the month of January, but soon after I wrote you, I started getting updates…

Feb.7…This is Hannah. Today I went to the clinic for a checkup thingy and my platelet count and red-blood cell count are really low! It is kinda discouraging that they aren't doing good like my white-blood cell count …

Feb 9... (also from Hannah) Today I also had a CBC done and my platelets actually came up!!!! Thanks sooo much for all you guys that prayed. My red blood cell count is still very low.

Feb 15...Hannah had her biopsy yesterday without too much trouble... Today we met the doctor to go over the biopsy results... Hannah is producing white blood cells fine, but is not producing platelets or red blood cells like she needs to.

At this point the doctors are working with some medicines to see if they can help her body right this situation. The D’Arcys continue to wait. The latest update...

Feb 22...(from Hannah’s dad) Even though we’re waiting to see if the medication will yield any progress, the doctor is preparing for the next step; another stem cell transplant from Meagan (sister). If this is needed Meagan will be able to donate the stem cells from her peripheral blood through a process called pheresis. In much the same way a kidney dialysis is done; Meagan’s blood would be taken out of one vein, the stem cells are filtered out, and then the rest of the blood is returned to Meagan through another vein. This would be seen as a boost to the original transplant, not another full-blown transplant like before. It would however involve Hannah having to take some more chemotherapy.
Please continue to lift this family up in prayer. Hannah and her mom are living 3 hours from the rest of the family.


This is an excerpt from Adam and Julie Martin, who are at week 8 of teaching “Creation to Christ.”..

We've done 42 lessons. 28 are still to go. It's like we've been preparing all season for the BIG GAME, and now that we're over halfway into it, we're getting tired, our spirits are lagging. If only we had some real spirited coach to get all fired up and give us an inspiring pep talk to rally us as we're sitting, sweaty and exhausted and discouraged, in the locker room. Oh wait, we do have a Coach, and He is rather "Spirited" you might say. We've just got to keep our eyes on him.

This week was mostly the Israelites wandering in the wilderness. And that feeling of wandering came over us as well, tempting us to lose sight of the goal. To say there were no real highlights from this past week wouldn't be true. We had conversations with many individuals that show yet again that some people are really tracking. That's awesome!

Other people just still seem to be "going through the motions" - attending the meetings semi-regularly but not really seeming to be impacted by the truth that's presented each day.

Please continue to lift of this team of missionaries as they persevere through these long weeks of teaching. May the Lord continue to work in the hearts of the hearers and lead them to an understanding of their Savior.