Friday, June 20, 2008

Have I Mentioned That I Hate Goodbyes?

The hardest part of being a missionary is saying godbye to family. I love my family and every time I head back to PNG I think it is going to kill me to say goodbye. We all have come to the understanding that going to airport to say goodbye is no fun.

Well only second to saying goodbye to family is saying goodbye to friends that have become like family over the years. This year I say goodbye to 5 families that have become my family away from family. Usually you say goodbye to one or two each year, but 5 is pretty severe.

First I said goodbye to my friend Gayle and her family. They are leaving and not planning to return after 13 year on the field.

Then I said goodbye to the Bowers, who have been my family for the last 4 years, celebrating holidays together. Saying goodbye to Joanie was a horrible process and all the pictures we took of the two of us are on her camera. That wasn't smart.
The third goodbye was to the Burleson family. Neil and Becky are great friends and their kids have such a special place in my heart.
Only two more goodbyes to go. I guess I will make it. I know the Lord gives grace and I have needed an extra amount. How blessed I am to have these dear friends!

Last Day of School

June 4 was the last day of our school year. The grade 3.4 class ended the year with a party. We celebrated the "summer" birthdays and had an all around great time. Here are the birthday kids. The two on the far left were even celebrating their birthdays on that specific day! We played pictionary with little white boards and markers, which was a bigger hit than you might think.
This is our class on the last day. Karina had left a couple months ago and Jesse was in PE at this time. Laura, our faithful TA, joined us for the party. About 7 of these kids will be on furlough next year, but the rest get to have me as a teacher once again. We will be the grade 4.5 class!
This day ended with graduation. I had lots of fun watching my first grade 5 class graduate. This picture is of them in their formal attire after the ceremony.