Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Prayer Letter

Gail’s Greetings
March 2011
Assisting in Church Planting by Ministering
to Missionary Kids in Papua New Guinea

Prayer and Praise Points
• Praise that I have been able to purchase my return tickets for the end of May to PNG!
• Pray for Hannah D’Arcy’s health and for strength for the whole D’Arcy family
• Pray for the Smiths and the Dinangat believers as they continue to grow in Christ.

Tribal Church Planting Update
This is an excerpt from the recent prayer letter of Gary and Esther Smith, missionaries in the Madang region of PNG...
“Many who became believers confessed their sinful practices. A number of them who had been practicing sorcery brought their incantation books and burned them at a public bonfire.?”
Acts 19:18-19
Charis (Smith’s daughter) and I (Gary) hiked (3.5 hrs) to the neighboring village to visit and encourage the new believers. They are currently teaching through the book of Acts. Every week 2 bible teachers make this trek to continue this teaching. They take the lessons we taught them a while back here in our village and teach them up there. As I sat there and listened to these two young men teach and explain the scriptures I literally fought back the tears. It’s like watching a miracle before my eyes, God changing these people from the inside out!

Then another miracle unfolded before us. As they taught the new believers through the above story that took place in Ephesus, the main village leader (Areke – pictured) just after this story, teaching still going on, walks over to his house and comes back with a little bag. After the teaching time he gets up and shows everyone his bag of tricks (literally!) and burns them in front of everyone! He said that the things in this bag represent idolatry and wants nothing more to do with them. The man I was sitting next to had tears in his eyes and hung his head. It was amazing to witness. Worth every step up and down those mountains to get there.

As Charis and I hiked home (another 3 hours!) we had plenty of time to talk. She shared that she too was amazed and challenged to lay aside every weight that encumbers us. The Apostle John had it so right, that there is no greater joy that to see your children walking in truth! My very own children and the children of God here in Dinangat that we get the distinct privilege of serving.

Keep Praying for the D’Arcys
Thank you so much for your prayers for Hannah and her family. Hannah has been back in the hospital for a while now. She went in with a high fever and then had surgery to check on the infection in her sinuses. Her fever went down some and then she started her chemo regimen for the second transplant. Her sister Meagan is also in the hospital now. She had her central line put in today and so she and Hannah are ready to begin the transplant tomorrow.
Hannah has had some negative effects from the chemo and so that is a little discouraging. Keep praying for the whole family as they walk through this process

Gail’s Life
Just wanted to let you know that I am doing well. I have been traveling around a bit. I had a wonderful time in Friday Harbor and now am back in Wenatchee. I get the opportunity to share what God has been doing in PNG with Calvary Crossroads this weekend. Then I head out to Georgia and Florida to visit friends, supporters and the NTM headquarters. I have been so thankful for the many ways God has provided for me over these last few weeks.