Thursday, November 18, 2010

New England

After my time in Buffalo, I returned to New England. This time I flew into Boston and my bag, "Louie" and I met up with Bridget. We saw Boston on foot, which is fine, but it is a bit weird to drag a roll bag up and down cobble streets. Here we were at a Holocaust memorial. It was very moving to see all the numbers of people that were in concentration camps.
Each glass panel is full of these numbers and there are about 6 towers full of these numbers.
A shot of downtown Boston. I loved this city and would have enjoyed more time to explore.
Had to walk the Freedom Trail and see the Paul Revere statue.
The Old North Church
I had my first cannoli from Mike's Pastry. Oh so good...
Bridget and I met up with her friends Troy and Joyce (now my friends also) and drove to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We had a great time exploring this small town. Lots of fun shopping and amazing eating.
We drove out to York, Maine the next day and I touched the Atlantic. I just love the ocean whether it is on the east or west of the US.
Bridget was attempting to get a pic of me touching the water, but it started rolling in quickly and I didn't want to get soaked. So here I am running back to shore as the tide comes in.
Here is Nubble lighthouse. It is my first Maine lighthouse. Now I only saw one on this trip, but there will have to be other trips to Maine in my future, because I just love it.
Here are Bridget, Joyce and Troy at the lighthouse.
The waves were wild the day we were there and so beautiful to me.
Gail, Joyce and Troy enjoying an afternoon "snack". I had a lobster roll. This way I got both my lighthouse and lobster checked off my Maine to-do list.
We spent two days in New Hampshire and Maine. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Bridget and Troy and Joyce. We came back to Connecticut on Sunday night and then Monday morning I woke up to this sight out Bridget's window. I was happy I didn't have to travel anywhere that day, but Bridget didn't get to share my excitement since she had to commute to school.


One of the first nights after I arrived in Buffalo, my friend Rhonda and I went out for cider and donuts at Tim Hortons. I have heard about Tim Hortons for a long time from my Canadian friends, and now see the draw.
Here Rhonda and I are taking our own picture. Just happy to be hanging out together.
Rhonda, her daughter Faith, her parents, and I all took a day trip to Niagara Falls. On our walk we found some birds to feed.
Here Rhonda and I are at the Falls.
A love rainbow.
Here I am with Rhonda and Faith.
And a lovely fall day with crunchy leaves on the ground.
A double rainbow shot.
All in all my time with Rhonda was great! I had Buffalo wings for the first time and was able to spend a lot of time catching up with my dear friend.


On October 9th I flew into Hartford, Connecticut to visit my friend Bridget. The first full day was spent touring her quaint town of Essex. It reminded me so much of one of my favorite shows of all time - Gilmore Girls.

Bridget and I had cocoa since neither of us likes coffee. We had a lovely fall day to enjoy and crunched leaves as we walked.

This is the park directly across the road from Bridget's apartment. Such a love view.

I had to take a picture of the "posies" sign since I am known as "Miss Posey" at times.

Here I am at Mystic, Connecticut. It is a little touristy coastal town.

Loved this view of the water.

And of course a lovely view of the fall leaves.

Here is my first East Coast lighthouse. I believe this is in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hong Kong Disney

Emily, Hannah, and I outside our hotel before we headed to the Disney Park.

This is the entrance to the park...

Hannah driving closely behind Emily and me.

Hannah and I on the Jungle Cruise.

Emily and Hannah being Emily and Hannah.

Cinderella's carousel.
Here I am as Minnie - for Joanie...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bye PNG; Hello Hong Kong

A sunset from my porch in PNG. My friend Carmen was bragging about sunsets in Montana, but this wasn't too bad either.

Another cockroach adventure. However Hong Kong cockroaches are so much smaller than PNG ones. Plus we only saw one, not millions. It did remind us of our missing friend Carmen.

Here Hannah, Emily and I treated ourselves to real icecream! Mickey icecream!

Soon we head to the Disney park here in Hong Kong. More pictures to follow.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Mis'sippi Birthday, Emily!!

My friend Emily will be celebrating her 28th birthday this week and since life is a bit crazy around here right now, we had her party the weekend before her actual birthday. It was a birthday bash like none I have ever seen. I guess it is because I haven't been to Mississippi before, or anywhere in the south. Emily was born and raised in Mississippi. However these southern friends of hers in PNG are a bit interesting.

Emily seemed to have a great time talking about home and fittin' right in. There were some great costumes, wonderful food (like fried pickles?) and fun fellowship. As I have said before - we make our own fun!

Happy Birthday, Emily!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Easter preparations began the day before. Kristen, Becky and I peeled, sliced and fried potato chips. We had decided to do kebobs for Easter along with potato, pasta and Jello salads. We also wanted potato chips. We were going to do kaukau (sweet potato) chips, but there were no orange kaukau in Goroka. (That is just unheard of since it is the staple food for PNG).

Emily was also around to make rolls for her Easter celebration. You will have to ask her what she was doing with the bread machine paddle and why it wasn’t under the ingredients she had loaded into the bread machine? All this made for a much longer process.

Easter Sunday came and Burlesons, Hoskins, Part of the Greenlaws and I gathered at the Nielsens for our meal. We were 20 people and we had enough food for many more. We had a great time of fellowshipping.

Of course we had a traditional Easter egg hunt. The Burleson boys and Noah Greenlaw hid the eggs and all the little ones hunted.