Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Madang 2009

Another Madang trip. I just love it there - sun, ocean, pool, food and great friends! This year Emily, (Me), Carmen, and Hannah all took off for Madang. We stayed at my favorite place - Jais Aben and had a couple days of relaxing. One day our friends the Claasens picked us up and took us to another resort called Malolo. We had fun on the black sand beach, swimming in the amazingly warm water and hanging out with friends.
On our way back we ended up with both driver-side tires blown. God's hand of protection and Nate's skillful driving - lead us to the side of the road instead of flipping over the bridge we had clipped.
Thankfully our friends were just behind us in a truck and we got to ride to the NTM base in the back of the truck, instead of waiting on the side of the road.
Another highlight for us was cockroach killing. This happened in the evenings while we watched a movie or played cards. Carmen has a great squeal and Emily and Hannah are quite lively as they go on their hunting expeditions.
Emily and Hannah showing off the weapons of chioce.
Our final and strangest event of Madang was the tsunami warning that was issued for all of PNG. There had been a large earthquake on Vanuatu so official warning went out. The resort where we were staying began their precautions. The warning was officially called off, but lots of planning had already been put into place. It was an experience to remember.

My Birthday

The Lord has blessed me with some amazing coworkers that are also my dear friends. I was able to celebrate with so many of them on my birthday. My friend Joanie is here in the picture with me. She made a special chocolate cheese cake for Becky and me.
Becky and I started our celebration with grilled hamburgers, many yummy salads, and kaukau chips. I didn't get good pictures of everyone present but here we have Carmen, Emily, Hannah, Carrie and Pat (Joe is next to her, but out of the picture). After our dinner we piled into Karl and Kristen's house - they sure are good sports to let all of us in. I guess we numbered 21 by then. Carrie had made some wonderful cupcakes and a beautiful cake. My dear little friends had a hard time keeping away from those lovely treats!
I am not sure a party is complete without Dana sticking his fingers up his nose. We probably wouldn't recognize him in pictures.
Becky and I had mounds of presents to open and it is always fun to open presents with a friend.
After presents we went outside with our dessert for a camp fire. Scott and his boys had been working on it, so it was going well by the time we all joined them. We had a great night to be out and the generator didn't even kick on until we were nearly done with our evening.
It was a great birthday celebration. I sure appreciate all those that helped put it together. You are so dear!

Break time fun!

One fun break time activity is our temporary hair dye. Emily and I did this last year and we loved it. It makes us feel wild and crazy, even if we aren't. The dye only last for 8 washes and we only do streaks. Anyway, this year we got a few others involved. Here I am with Becky. Since our birthday was the next day, it was a must that she join in the fun.
Here Emily and I have roped a very hesitant Carmen in for some dye. I think she had fun eventually.
And my upstair's neighbor joined in the fun too. Pat came and got one strip of orangish-red in her hair.