Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Mis'sippi Birthday, Emily!!

My friend Emily will be celebrating her 28th birthday this week and since life is a bit crazy around here right now, we had her party the weekend before her actual birthday. It was a birthday bash like none I have ever seen. I guess it is because I haven't been to Mississippi before, or anywhere in the south. Emily was born and raised in Mississippi. However these southern friends of hers in PNG are a bit interesting.

Emily seemed to have a great time talking about home and fittin' right in. There were some great costumes, wonderful food (like fried pickles?) and fun fellowship. As I have said before - we make our own fun!

Happy Birthday, Emily!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Easter preparations began the day before. Kristen, Becky and I peeled, sliced and fried potato chips. We had decided to do kebobs for Easter along with potato, pasta and Jello salads. We also wanted potato chips. We were going to do kaukau (sweet potato) chips, but there were no orange kaukau in Goroka. (That is just unheard of since it is the staple food for PNG).

Emily was also around to make rolls for her Easter celebration. You will have to ask her what she was doing with the bread machine paddle and why it wasn’t under the ingredients she had loaded into the bread machine? All this made for a much longer process.

Easter Sunday came and Burlesons, Hoskins, Part of the Greenlaws and I gathered at the Nielsens for our meal. We were 20 people and we had enough food for many more. We had a great time of fellowshipping.

Of course we had a traditional Easter egg hunt. The Burleson boys and Noah Greenlaw hid the eggs and all the little ones hunted.