Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gail's Greetings
May Prayer Letter

Highlights of Home Assignment...
Nearly 11 months ago I arrived in Seattle from Papua New Guinea. I was met by my sister and her kids which began a string of great memories with my family. From 4th of July to camping, birthdays to holidays, shopping trips to baseball games, all have created a slideshow of memories. I am so thankful for a sister, brother and parents that value family and have made time together a priority this year while I am home. They have even put up with my need for family pictures.

This time of home assignment has also allowed me to reconnect with great friends. I have done road trips around the Pacific Northwest. I flew out to both the north and south of the East Coast to see supporters and friends and make new friends. I have been able to spend time in Oregon at my home church, share with my Friday Harbor church, and still spend quite a bit of time in Wenatchee, even sharing what God is doing in PNG with a new congregation. I was able to get items together to ship to PNG and recently heard that they have arrived after 4 months of travel.

Now I am down to just a few days until I leave for Papua New Guinea. I have loved my time here, but now I am ready to head back to the ministry God has called me to. I love teaching our missionary kids and being involved in their lives. I am really looking forward to attending graduation, where 6 of the graduates were in my 6th grade class back in 2004-05. What a joy it is to have watched them grow up.

After the craziness of graduation and saying goodbye to all the many people that will be leaving for home assignment, I will be able to set up my house and classroom, do some projects for the school and spend some time with people that aren’t leaving our center. I will also be looking forward to the return of friends and arrival of new coworkers.
Please pray for me as I say goodbye to family, travel a very long distance and then settle back in my PNG home. Thank you for being a part of my life. Your partnership has made it possible for me to serve the Lord and assist in reaching unreached people. You are a blessing!

Hannah Update...
In the May 18th update from the D’Arcy family they wrote this about Hannah…”Her blood counts seem to have plateaued at their current levels. In general we need all of them to go higher. She has gained 2 pounds over the past few weeks which is going the right direction now, again she needs to gain quite a bit more. Hannah began physical therapy last week. She goes twice a week to get some focused physical rehab.”

Hannah was able to go home for her sister’s graduation which was a huge blessing for her even though visitors were to be limited.

“We just found out that Hannah is eligible for a managed care insurance program from the state after her she reaches the maximum benefit through our private insurance this year. This is a real praise & answer to prayer because we were denied this coverage last year. Thanks for praying about this for us. This is a really long road and so many of you have been walking right along with us and praying us through, we can’t thank you enough.”